Calligraphy workshop with Marius Bogdanas




In these workshops, participants will learn the basics of graffiti, from sketching out ideas to painting your own masterpiece. Participants will also learn about the history of graffiti and its role in popular culture. With guidance from experienced artists, participants will be able to create their own unique pieces of art that they can take home with them. Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting out, attending a graffiti workshop can be a fun and rewarding experience!



Are you ready to explore the world of Graffiti art? Join us for a fun and creative Graffiti workshop! In this workshop, we will be introducing participants to the basics of Graffiti art and giving them an opportunity to create their own unique pieces on canvas.

We will start with a brief introduction about the history and styles of Graffiti art. Then we will move on to discussing the various materials, tools and techniques used in creating graffiti. After that, we will dive into our first undertaking - creating graffiti on canvas! We'll provide all the necessary materials for participants so you can let their creativity flow freely and make something truly unique.


The first step in this workshop is to draw their graffiti sketch and cut it out to create a stencil which was going to be used as a template for creating their artwork. After that, each participant was given spray paint and instructed on how to use it properly. With guidance from our experienced instructor, everyone was able to create beautiful pieces of artwork with their own unique style.


In these workshops, participants will be taken through the basics of spray painting and given tips on how to create their own unique designs. Once everyone has had a chance to practice outside, they can move back inside and start adding colours and details to their canvas. Through this activity, participants will be able to explore their creativity while learning more about the art form of graffiti.

In this graffiti workshop, participants were given the opportunity to learn how to create their own unique pieces of art. From learning how to draw letters in different styles and sizes to experimenting with colors and textures, the group was able to create something that was truly their own. Upon completing their letters, the group swiftly moved on to what is considered the best (or worst!) moment for every graf artist - adding those finishing touches! Through this workshop, participants were able to gain a better understanding of the graffiti culture while also having fun with it.


The Ultimate Graffiti Experience



Our workshops are designed with beginners in mind. With us, you can learn the basics of graffiti writing and unleash your inner Banksy in just one day!



Express yourself using spray paint



Graffiti is about expressing yourself using colorful spraypaint. Our workshops will help you explore different styles, techniques, and tools to create a unique piece of art.



Go home with a canvas and tote bag



We provide all the necessary supplies for our workshops, so all you have to do is show up with your energy and enthusiasm. Get ready for an unforgettable day filled with fumes and fun!